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Delinko 1 Daniel Delinko INDV 102-58 Leisure Interview Watson Male vs. Female Leisure I interviewed two people for my project in order to establish the similarities and differences of male versus female leisure. In order to do this project I needed to interview one male and one female that were not of traditional college age. The male that I chose to interview was 32 years old and was currently just starting his law profession. The female that I interviewed was 28, a recent college graduate and currently working as a market research analyst. Both people spend there leisure time in similar but very different ways. Brenda, my female volunteer, graduated from college three years ago is living on her own and working for a market research company. She is an analyst there and has very busy days. She wakes up around 7:30 am., makes herself eggs and then heads off to work. She stops to get coffee occasionally but most of the time she makes her own complete breakfast. She stays at work until around 5:30pm. and then comes home to relax. At home after work she enjoys a nice warm bath, followed by a good book before bed time. Since work is so hectic for Brenda, she takes advantage of her weekends. She likes to go out and catch up with old friends whom she hasn’t seen in awhile. “I love to go out on the town wining and dining with my friends” (Javier). Brenda listed cooking as one of her favorite leisure activities. Cooking she said is what keeps her going
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lesiure interview notes - Delinko 1 Daniel Delinko INDV...

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