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Name: _________________________ TOTAL: _____________ TWRT/BUS/EWRT 61: Cover Letter Rubric 1. Format and Adherence to the Assignment (10) Letter is left justified. Appropriate outside address (or letterhead), date line, inside address, salutation (including an individual’s name), body, complimentary close, signature block and end notations appear. Conventions outlined in book and class are followed. Spacing in between parts of the letter is correct and the letter is centered vertically on the page. Letter is written to apply for an actual position and is tailored to the specific job announcement using skills you have already acquired or are currently acquiring (No fictionalizing!) Letter is laser printed on white, bond, 24-32 lb. weight paper with correct watermark orientation 2. Style (20) Cover letter effectively highlights your relevant experience and indicates how you could fit into the organization without repeating too much of the resume. The letter is persuasive and assertive without being pushy or pompous.
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