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General Advice for Technical Writing Do: Create a column of white space on the left side of the page about 2 inches wide and allow only minimal text (such as headings) to appear in that space (not relevant for memo or cover letter). Use sans serif fonts (Arial, Helvetica, etc.) for headings, flowchart text, figure titles, footers, callout text, and row and column headings in tables. Use bold or color for headings. Distinguish levels of heading by indentation, font size, capitalization, and other graphic elements. Use serif fonts (Times New Roman, Palatino, etc.) for regular body text. Use 10-11 point font size for regular body text, not 12 point font size. Visibly group information in the same section together by using proportionate spacing. Adjust the spacing above and below paragraphs using the format—paragraph function. Create and use styles that suit the needs of your document.
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