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MemoGradingRubric - Name TOTAL TWRT/BUS/EWRT 61 Memo Rubric...

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Name: _________________________ TOTAL: _____________ TWRT/BUS/EWRT 61: Memo Rubric 1. Format and Adherence to the Assignment (10) The appropriate title appears at the top (Memorandum). The appropriate headings appear (Date, To, From, and Subject) with 2-3 blank lines after. Job titles follow names and department names follow titles (unless writer and reader are in the same department). The writer’s handwritten initials appear after his/her name in the From line. Memo is left justified with no paragraph indents and one blank line in between paragraphs. Memo text is single-spaced. No formal salutation or closing lines appear. Appropriate end notations appear if necessary. Conventions outlined in book and class are followed. Memo follows the assignment criteria in terms of form and content (i.e. outlines your reasons for taking this course, summarizes your background and how it relates to the class, identifies your class goals, and suggests how I can help you achieve them) 2. Style (5) An appropriate amount of detail is given; memo is complete while being brief and concise.
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