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Resume Review and Editing Exercise (Jacob C. Smith) Revise the resume format given by applying the following style and formatting changes: Format Pre- WORD 2007 WORD 2007 1. Change the margins of the document for top, bottom, and right to .5 and the left margin to .6 File – Page Setup – Margins PageLayout – Margins – Custom Margins 2. Make all headings and the address Arial (a sans serif font) and the text Times New Roman (a serif font). Formatting toolbar – font dropdown Home – Font or Home – Styles 3. Make the address 10 point font size and the major headings (Education, Experience, etc.) 12 point font size. Formatting toolbar – point size dropdown Home – Font / Home – Styles 4. Right justify name Jacob C. Smith and make it 20 point font size—bold. Formatting toolbar – right justify button Home – Paragraph / Home – Font 5. Make the major headings (Education, Experience, etc.) bold. Formatting toolbar
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