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AnalyticalReportGradingRubri - Name TOTAL TWRT/BUS/EWRT 62...

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Name: _________________________ TOTAL: _____________ TWRT/BUS/EWRT 62: Analytical Report Rubric 1. Format (10 pts) Report appears in memorandum or letter format as appropriate and follows standard conventions. Headings are clearly distinguished from text by white space, font type, and other characteristics. White space is used effectively in the document; items within sections are visibly grouped together. Font types and sizes throughout are pleasing to the eye and create a crisp look. Report includes all necessary sections and information with appropriate headings. Bullets, if used, are formatted well and appropriately spaced. Conventions for indicating titles and sections are effective and consistent. Graphics and illustrations, if used, are useful and crisp looking. 2. Style and Content (20 pts) Report has an effective introduction that indicates purpose, audience, and organization. Report provides accurate, specific, and concrete discussion based on the case study provided.
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