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Analytical Reports
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Analytical Reports Table of Contents Student PowerPoint Presentation Grading Rubric Company Day Care Case Study Language Arts Division Case Study Exercise: Electronic Mail Monitoring Sample Document: Investigative Report TWRT 62 12 June 2006 Cidambi/Kurtzman/Wolf
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Analytical Reports Company Day Care In this exercise, you will learn to think through the cost benefits analysis component of an analytical report. Background PrimeCare, Inc. owns and operates twelve nursing homes throughout your state. You work in the central office, conducting special research projects for the executive officers of the company. Jan Debliss, the Personnel Director, requests you send her a memo analyzing the feasibility of providing daycare for the many low-paid workers who are currently absent from work whenever they have a childcare gap. She requests that you address how other employers offer child-care assistance, because at least two of the twelve nursing home facility directors want to be sure the company examines all possibilities. Personally, she believes the company can provide in-house childcare most easily, but she is unsure of the costs involved, and your analytical report must address other solutions as well to satisfy all the directors. She suggests you summarize how other employers provide child care for their employees, and recommend the service that would work best for PrimeCare. The report must focus on solutions that PrimeCare can afford. Your assignment Develop the analytical report memo, in the following stages: 1. Using the Prewriting Analysis Worksheet, develop a prewriting analysis to ensure you understand both your Personnel Director’s interest in the poll, and her expectations of your report. Keep in mind the following additional questions: Do all audience members agree with each other? When do you have to convince? Have you been told in advance what your conclusion is expected to be? What will happen if you conclude otherwise? 2. Analyze your data. What can you conclude from the data below? How many options can you discuss? What additional issues have come up as a result of the additional data you acquired? How will you inform your Personnel Director of these facts of which she was unaware at the time she asked you to write the memo? 3. Write an informal analytical report in memo form. In your conclusions, make a recommendation. Data Jan Debliss presents you with the following facts: The company has difficulty hiring new employees for the day shift. The company has noted excessive absenteeism among the current day-shift employees. As a result of this absenteeism, off-duty second- and third-shift employees are often called to fill in with additional hours, and the day-shift employees who regularly show up are chronically overworked, leading to low staff morale. In addition, the directors are concerned that patients aren’t getting the full care they should because the day shift is Case Study based on: Paul V. Anderson,
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