BudgetPlanningWorksheet - example, list furniture,...

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Proposals Budget Planning Worksheet Part I: People 1. List the people who will work on this project, the estimated number of hours they will work, and their hourly rates. Part II: Subcontracted Work 1. List the work you will subcontract out to other companies and the estimated cost. (Examples: document printing and binding, painting, electrical work, fabrication, demolition) TWRT 62 12 June 2006 Cidambi/Kurtzman/Wolf
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1. List the supplies and equipment you need to purchase to do the project and their estimated costs. Part IV. Resale Items 1. List the products you will purchase and deliver to your customer, along with their estimated costs. For
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Unformatted text preview: example, list furniture, computers and related equipment and supplies. Part V: Create the Budget Readers understand a budget best when it is presented in tabular form. Use an Excel spreadsheet to organize and add up the budget. 1. Group expenses by category. 2. Enter each category of expenses into the spreadsheet. 3. Calculate the total cost for each category. 4. Calculate a grand total for the project by adding up the totals for each category. TWRT 62 12 June 2006 Cidambi/Kurtzman/Wolf TWRT 62 12 June 2006 Cidambi/Kurtzman/Wolf...
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BudgetPlanningWorksheet - example, list furniture,...

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