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TWRT/BUS/EWRT 62 Group/Project Plan As a TWRT/BUS/EWRT 62 student, you have been assigned to a group of three to four total members. Throughout the quarter, you work together to complete peer reviews and create the empirical research report and PowerPoint presentation. Together you need to develop positive group relations that include policies about how you work together and communicate with each other. When the time comes to write the empirical research report, you create a plan for dividing the workload and completing the necessary research and intermediate tasks. This plan is divided into two parts with the following subsections: Group Policies and Resource Management Project Plan for the Empirical Research Report Contact Information Individual Strengths Roles and Responsibilities Group Policies for Communication and Meetings Group Policies for Issues, Conflicts, and Consequences Research Questions Resources Timeline At the end of this document, each group member must sign the contract to show your understanding and agreement of the group/project plan. Part 1: Group Policies and Resource Management One key to working effectively in groups is resource management. By talking about your strengths and coming up with some group policies, you use each other’s strengths more efficiently and work together as a cohesive group. When you work together efficiently, you pool your resources to sharpen each other’s writing through peer reviews and you create a quality empirical research report toward the end of the quarter. (See Working in Groups and Group Work and Collaborative Writing in the reader.) Contact Information Before you can build an effective group dynamic, you need to exchange contact information. In Table 1, identify your email address, two phone numbers, and your preferred method of contact. Name Email Address Phone Number 1 Phone Number 2 Preference Table 1 Group Contact Information © M. Reber 7/30/2009 1
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Individual Strengths This section helps you assess your individual strengths so you can work together efficiently. Use Table 2 to thoughtfully describe each individual’s strengths. Name Strengths Writing/Editing Style/Formatting Technology Other Table 2 Individual Strengths Roles and Responsibilities This section determines the roles and responsibilities that group members undertake. Some suggestions for roles are: facilitator, administrative recorder, and researcher/writer. You may alter or add roles according to individual group members’ strengths or the nature of individual assignments. Based on the previously defined individual strengths and preferences, define roles within your group in Table 3. Group Member
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TWRT62GroupProjectPlan73009 - TWRT/BUS/EWRT 62...

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