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©Arshad A. Ahmed, Esq. and Abrar A. Hussain, Esq. Islamic Finance and Transactions in Contemporary Practice UC Hastings College of the Law Law 621 (Seminar – Two Units) Syllabus: Fall, 2011 Meeting Time: Wednesday 4:40 p.m. – 6:50 p.m. Meeting Location: 198 McAllister Bldg, Room 314 Instructors : Arshad A. Ahmed, Esq., Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Abrar. A. Hussain, Esq., Kirkland & Ellis LLP I. TOPIC AND OBJECTIVES This two-unit course will offer an opportunity to survey and examine the growing intersection between Shari‘ah-related transactions (including, but not limited to, Islamic banking and finance) and the American rule of law and regulation (financial or otherwise). Issues to be discussed in detail include rib ā - interest equivalence, form and substance in contemporary Islamic banking, adjudication of Shari‘ah-related transactions in contemporary Anglo-American tribunals and whether or not Shari‘ah-related transactions constitute corporate social responsibility. Discussions of Shari‘ah will focus almost exclusively on Sunni perspectives, as they dominate the contemporary practice of Islamic banking and finance. No prior knowledge of Islam, Shari‘ah, or finance is assumed. II. METHODOLOGY The course will be conducted in the form of lecture and discussion. Please come each day prepared to participate in informed and critical discussion of the topic and assigned readings. We will also resort to exercises and other small group activities, where appropriate, such as in the event of case studies. We will also have one or more guest speakers. III. TEXT Reading assignments are indicated below on a week-by-week basis. The primary texts for the course will be (a) M. A. El-Gamal , Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice (2008), and (b) Mufti Md. Taqi Usmani , An Introduction to Islamic Finance (1998) [available online at <http://islamicfinancenews.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/ an20introduction20to20islamic20finance.pdf>].
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©Arshad A. Ahmed, Esq. and Abrar A. Hussain, Esq. IV.
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Ahmed-Syllabus-IslamicFinance-Fall-2011 - Arshad A. Ahmed,...

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