Islamic Fundamentalism

Islamic fundamentalism

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Unformatted text preview: Islamic Fundamentalism Fundamentalism Beliefs and Practices; Social Beliefs Movements and Groups Movements Islamic Fundamentalism Islamic Three Types of Modern Islamic Theory: The Madhhabists: Adherents to specific schools of law Madhhabists The Salafi: Qur’anic literalists The Salafi Qur’anic The Ghulat: Extremists (or cultists) Extremists Types of Movements: Islamists History: Post Ottoman Period Jamal ad-din al-Afghani (1837-97): Called for a return to the original principles and Jamal ideals of Islam and for greater unity among Islamic peoples Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905): Islami apologist who taught that morality and law Muhammad must be adapted to modern conditions in the interest of the common good. Rashid Rid...
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