The Clash of Civilizations

The Clash of Civilizations - The Clash of The Clash of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Clash of The Clash of Civilizations The Clash of Civilization The Clash of Civilization The civilizations of the Cold War era were divided into the First, Second, and Third Worlds These are no longer relevant Civilizations are the highest cultural entity that encompass the broadest memberships sharing cultural similarities (religion, linguistic features, ethnicity, etc.) The Clash of Civilizations The Clash of Civilizations The differences between civilizations are fundamental The world is becoming a smaller place Modernization is producing social change at an alarming rate Nation­states are weakening Regional movements featuring traditionalist themes are springing up everywhere….usually around religious principles The Clash of Civilizations The Clash of Civilizations “Westernization” results in a backlash from these traditionalist movements Religion is exclusive….it paints sharp differences between people….so these conflicts are going to be harder to resolve Economic regionalism is increasing (economic trading blocs) There will emerge civilizational “fault lines” – – – Asian (Confucian) Islamic Western The clash of Civilizations The clash of Civilizations Islam and Christianity have been engaged in a cultural war since the Crusades In the wake of the colonial era, Arab nationalism and fundamentalism has risen Islam is antithetical to democracy and western values Islam has “bloody borders” There is the phenomenon of the “West vs. the rest” (a Confucian­Islamic opposition to the West) Arms deals between China and the Middle East suggest there is a Confucian­Islamic military threat ...
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