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1 Self-Quiz 3. Which bases pair together in DNA? 4. What is the “backbone” of DNA? 5. Describe the function of each enzyme in DNA replication. 6. What are the properties of the genetic code? Overview: DNA to Proteins • Ch. 12: DNA to Proteins – Transcription (DNA b RNA) – Translation (RNA b protein) – Structure of the eukaryotic chromosome • Section 13.3 – Gene Mutations From DNA to Proteins • DNA b RNA b proteins – Transcription (DNA b RNA) •Formation of RNA – Translation (RNA b proteins) •Formation of polypeptide Three Classes of RNA • Messenger RNA (mRNA) – Information for protein sequence from DNA to cytoplasm • Transfer RNA (tRNA) – Transfers amino acids • Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) – Part of the ribosome Transcription: RNA Polymerase • Initiation – Attaches at promoter region of DNA • Elongation – Adds RNA nucleotides complementary to template strand of DNA •5’ b 3’ direction: adds to 3’ end of RNA transcript • DNA stop sequence Base Pairing during Transcription • Uracil (U) not thymine (T) Assignment 1 Think, Pair, Share Topic: If the DNA template is 3’–TACGGT–5’ the mRNA transcript is 5’–AUGCCA–3’ For the following strands as the DNA template, give the mRNA transcript: a) 3’–TACTGGACT–5’ b) 3’–ACCGATATT–5’ RNA Transcript Processing • Pre-mRNA modified
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Bio1_18_DNA2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 Self-Quiz 1. Describe...

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