IA2.4-3.1Sol - Ma‘lh 35 Name J Frewing DaTe Score Inclass...

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Unformatted text preview: Ma‘lh 35 Name: J. Frewing DaTe '- Score : Inclass AcTivifi 2.4-3.1 1. BriTTney found some coins while looking under her sofa pillows. There were equal numbers of nickels and quarTers, and Twice as many half—dollars as quarTers. If she found $2.60 in all, how many of each denominaTion of coin did she find? Value Tom! .0133: +.25x+l'x=2.£p l.30X=2..lp lax—1% l ZNidfika 2 Quariers, 4 HalFDolch-s 2. In 2008, The general admission To The Planes of Fame Air Show aT The Chino AirporT was $14 for adulTs and $11 for children and seniors. If $24,726 was collecTed from The sal pix +2210“le == 247% O ) 5x+221lD= 2472b 5347/ 5x: Qulb \(fijy x= 372. ‘0 xx 3. ATlanTa and CincinnaTi are 440 miles aparT. JusTin leaves ATlanTa driving Toward CincinnaTi aT an average speed of 60 mph. Daniel leaves CincinnaTi aT The same Time driving Toward ATlanTa in his anTique auTo, averaging 28 mph. How long will iT Take Them ‘1“. “VF—3 To rES—e—Ir-Souni'el 3 A+lanln Cmci [00X 'l‘ 28 X Ll'Ll‘O 8 3 X = 440 x=5 4. AgenTs Mulder and Scully are driving To Georgia To invesTigaTe “Big Blue’f: a gianT aquaTic repTile reporTed To inhabiT on of The local lakes. Mulder leaves WashingTon aT 8:30 am and averages 65 mph. His parTner, Scully leaves aT 9:00 am, following The same paTh and averaging 70 mph. AT whaT Time ill Scully caTch up wiTh Mulder? (05x =70x—’ * -5X 3.1 35 X= 7 1. ’1‘ . AHcr 7 how's +1763 will , math A'l- 3330mm Math 35 Name: J. Frewing Date : Score : 5. Solve each of the inequalities. Give each solution set in interval notation and graph it. a. 3X~62—24 b. 2X+10<8 3x2~/8’ 07X 4—.2 X 2‘0; ‘ X{—'/ [.0’w> (-m) ‘4) <——I—.——b—I—* HI—h—e—H—H ‘7 “(p‘ «h *3 -2. "'l o c. —3(z—6)>Zz—2 cl. —19<3X—5Sl <32 +18> $22147 --/1/ < 3x 5 [p "52. /4/ ' "—-—- X Z <64 3 4/ 5 °2 (“CO/Ll) (‘gJ W <———lQ-)-l—-l—-§-—I}—\-‘—> l 2. 3 “l- -5~4‘3'L“lol 2. 6. To achieve the maximum benefit from exercising, the heart rate in beats per minute should be in the target heart rate zone (THR). For a person aged A the formula is .7(220 — A) s THR s .85(220 — A) Find the THR to the nearest whole number for each age. a) 35 b) 18 c) Your age . 70663:: was .85( I85) [74209) 5 me 5.954202) R 4475 WC/‘S I30 4 TH?- é /5'7 5pm /4/ s we r /7;2bpm Wm mg 7. Jacob is signing up for a cell phone plan service. He is trying to decide between Plan A, which costs $54.99 per month with a free phone included and Plan B, which costs $49.99 per month, but would require him to purchase a phone for $129. After how many mpnths will Plan Bbe the better deal? Let X= mon-l-hs with 56YVIOC— PlcmA “54.qu PlanB 3" 45)?qu H23 .l 54.9672: =-— 49.9994 #97 594 =/a?7 5% =45? ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/13/2012 for the course MATH 35 taught by Professor Janetfrewing during the Fall '11 term at Riverside Community College.

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IA2.4-3.1Sol - Ma‘lh 35 Name J Frewing DaTe Score Inclass...

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