Section 2.3 Lecture Notes

Section 2.3 Lecture Notes - He invested part at 2% simple...

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Section 2.3: Applications of Linear Equations 30) The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, is in the shape of two sides of an isosceles triangle. If the two walls of equal length were joined by a striaght line of 438 ft. the perimeter of the resulting triangle would be 931.5 ft. Find the lenths of the two walls. 42) Jason sold his house for $159,000. He got this amount knowing that he would have to pay a 6% commission to his agent. What amount did he have after the agent was paid? 44) Stuart won $60,000 on a slot machine in Las Vegas.
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Unformatted text preview: He invested part at 2% simple interest and the rest at 3%. He earned a total of $1600 in annual interest. How much was invested at each rate? 50) How many liters of a 14% alcohol solution must be mixed with 20L of a 50% solution to get a 30% solution? 56) LeeAnn wants to mix tea worth 2cents per oz with 100oz of tea worth 5 cents per oz to make a mixture worth 3 cents per oz. How much 2 cent tea should be used? 54) How much water must be added to 6 gal of a 4% insecticide solution to reduce the concentration to 3%?...
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Section 2.3 Lecture Notes - He invested part at 2% simple...

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