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Final Exam Study Guide - (ax 2 +bx+c) Lead term is 1 then...

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Study Guide: Order of operations (1.6) Solving linear inequalities (2.5 and 2.6) Solving Equations: Solve linear equations (2.1-2.3) 1) Parentheses 2) Clear fractions 3) Combine like terms 4) Get variables on one side of = and constants on the other 5) Clear the coefficient Solve Quadratic Equations Using Factoring (7.1) Using Quadratic formula (7.1a) Solve Rational equations (7.3) Rules of Exponents: Product Rule (4.1) Quotient Rule(4.1) Zero Power Rule(4.1) Power Rule(4.1) Negative Exponents(4.6) Scientific Notation (4.7) Polynomials: Evaluate a polynomial at a given point (4.2) Descending order of a polynomial (4.2) Combining like terms (4.2) Add/Subtract Polynomials (4.2) Multiply Monomial and Polynomial(4.3) Multiply two polynomials (4.4-4.5) Factoring: (5.2-5.6) 1) Factor out a common monomial (5.2) 2) Number of factors in the remaining polynomial 4 Terms: Factor by grouping 3 Terms (ax 2 +bx+c): Factor game 2 Terms: Difference of squares If factoring a trinomial:
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Unformatted text preview: (ax 2 +bx+c) Lead term is 1 then factor quickly Lead term is not 1, then rewrite the middle term & factor by grouping. Dividing by a monomial (5.1) Rational Expressions: (6.1-6.5) RCC Norco Math 52 Final Exam Pre-Test page 2 of 5 Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide rational expressions Dividing by a polynomial (6.2) Complex Fractions (6.6) Word Problems: Work Problems (7.4) System of Equations (9.4) Using the legend and formulas (3.3-3.4) Ie. A = L*W, P=2L + 2W, two parts = whole, average Graphing : Find x and y intercepts given the equation of a line (8.6) Find the slope and y-intercept given the equation of a line (8.4) Find the slope given 2 points (8.3) Convert from Standard Form to slope intercept form (visa versa) (8.6) Write the equation of a line given the slope and a point (8.5) Systems of Equations: Solve a system of equations using any method (9.1-9.3) Radicals: Simplify radicals (10.1) Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide radicals (10.2)...
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Final Exam Study Guide - (ax 2 +bx+c) Lead term is 1 then...

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