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Section 7.4 Focus Exercise Answers 1. It would take 24 hours to lower the lake 15 feet. 2. It will take 40 minutes for them to address all 150 envelopes. (And no, Marilyn should not dye her hair blonde. She should dye it red to look like Lucille Ball.) 3. It would take Raime’s crew 4 hours to clean 2 floors by itself. 4. It would it take Miles 60 minutes to tie 27 knots. 5. It would take the hose 7 1 2 minutes to fill the trough. 6. It would take 6 days for Jim’s crew to fill the bin again. 7. It would take Brett and Angela 60 minutes to groom the horses together. 8. Together it would take Jim and Ke-Shawn 4 hours to plow the cornfield.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Together it would take 7 1 2 hours for both pumps to fill the tank. 10. It would take Jake about 43 minutes to clean a Hilton pool by himself. (The actual time is 42 6 7 minutes.) 11. It would take Luis 1 1 2 hours to do the Miller’s yard working alone. 12. Alone, the right side hose can fill the pool in 6 hours, and the left side hose can fill the pool in 12 hours. 13. Alone, Jenny can wash the car in 8 minutes, and Carla can wash the car in 24 minutes. 14. Alone, Luigi can clean the store in 40 minutes, and Mario can clean the store in 120 minutes....
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