Chapter 4 Extra Word Problems

Chapter 4 Extra Word Problems - much of the pole must be...

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Math 64 Chapter 4 Word Problems 1. A customer at a supermarket deli ordered the following amounts of sliced meats: 1 3 pound of roast beef, 3 4 pound of turkey, 3 8 pound of salami, and 1 2 pound of boiled ham. What was the total amount of meats purchased? 2. The scale on a road map is given so that one inch equals 50 miles. How many miles are represented by 3 1 4 inches? 3. During five days in one week the price of Xerox stock rose 1 4 of a dollar, rose 7 8 of a dollar, rose 3 4 of a dollar, fell 1 2 of a dollar and rose 3 8 of a dollar. How much did the stock go up in price over these five days? 4. A long distance runner was in training. He ran ten miles in 50 3 10 minutes. Three months later, he ran the same ten miles in 47 7 10 minutes. By how much did his time improve? 5. A telephone pole is 32 feet long. If 5 16 of at the pole must be underground and 11 16 of the pole must be above ground. How much of the pole must be underground? How
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Unformatted text preview: much of the pole must be above ground? 6. A swimming pool contains 500 2 3 gallons of water. If 23 4 5 gallons evaporate, how many gallons of water are left in the pool? 7. Jason won $7500 in the state lottery. If 1 5 of his prize money was withheld for taxes, how much money did he actually receive? 8. A box holds 5 pounds of candy. If 3 2 5 pounds are eaten, how many pounds of candy remain in the box? 9. A swimming pool contains 375 1 2 gallons of water. The pool needs to be drained in order to do some maintenance. The pool can drain 9 1 7 gallons of water every minute. How long will it take to drain the water out of the pool? 10. You go to Home Depot and purchase a 50 foot spool of electrical wire. You are going to run fan lights throughout your house. Each fan light requires 7 3 4 feet of wire. How many fan lights can you install using this spool of electrical wire?...
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Chapter 4 Extra Word Problems - much of the pole must be...

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