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J. Frewing Name:_________________ Math 64 Date :_________________ In Class Activity: 1.8-2.1 1. Through a regular deduction from her paycheck, Alexis aid a total of $2867 last year for federal taxes. In filing her tax return, she should have paid $3052. How much does Alexis still owe on her federal tax return? 2. Kinko’s is putting together 5,000 brochures for a company that are due tomorrow at noon. Kelly has assigned the hob to three different workers, each using a different copy machine. Justin produced 1,758 copies, Brittney produced 1,365 copies and Jacob’s has
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Unformatted text preview: produced 1,259 copies. How many more copies are left to produce? 3. Aimee pays $750 in rent per month. How much rent does she pay for the entire year? 4. Daroll and Dee are going to drive across country from San Diego to Philadelphia, a total of 2,778 miles. They plan on doing this in 6 days. On average, how many miles must they travel in each day? 5. A hotel pool is in the shape of a rectangle. The rectangle is 15 yards wide and has an area of 540 square yards. What is the length of the pool?...
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