IA6.6-6.7 - Percents Percents J. Frewing Section 6.6-6.7

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Unformatted text preview: Percents Percents J. Frewing Section 6.6-6.7 Name:______________________ Date:_______________________ Application problems. 1. According to a recent survey .526 of all those asked to name what sport they participate in; choose bowling. Write this number as a percent. 2. On average, church goers donate .03 of their income to the church. What percent does this represent? 3. When Sue bought an airplane ticket to see her sister, the ticket cost $450.00. She has to pay 8% sales tax on the ticket. What was the total tax she had to pay and what was the final ticket price. 4. Mark went to the Chevrolet dealer to purchase a Tahoe. The sticker price on the vehicle said the price was $35,000.00. The day they went to the dealer they were offering an incentive of a 2% discount. What was the discount that Mark would get on the vehicle? 5. Lisa and Dave went out to dinner and their bill came to $26.00. They gave the waiter a tip of 15%. How much money did they give the waiter? 6. Gas prices have been decreasing in recent weeks. Four weeks ago regular gas cost $3.799 per gallon and now regular gas costs $2.379 per gallon. Find the percent decrease per gallon of gas. ...
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