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An introduction to the notion of algebra and its uses. Includes integers, equations, and polynomials as well as topics from arithmetic. Designed as a transition from arithmetic to elementary algebra. Welcome to Pre-Algebra Instructor: Janet Frewing Office: IT 200-O Phone: (909)372-7174 Office Hours: MW 1:15-2:15 T 10:00-11:00 Pre-Algebra Spring 2010 Grade Distribution: Area Percent Homework 10% In Class Activity 15% Tests 55% Final Exam 20% 100% Textbook: Prealgebra, Robert H. Prior Email address: Course Website : Course Requirements Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: 1. Apply the four basic operations to integers and rational numbers. 2. Apply the fundamental laws of algebra to simplify basic algebraic expressions. 3. Perform the four basic operations on polynomial expressions. 4. Solve linear equations. 5. Derive and solve basic linear equations from elementary applications. 6. Use the symbols and vocabulary of pre-algebra to communicate mathematical concepts. Student Learning Outcomes Attendance Attendance to the lectures is very important. You are expected to attend all classes. If you must miss a class, you will be responsible for obtaining all missed ma- terial. Homework Each class will begin with a review of home work questions. You are encouraged to make corrections and clarify any topics that are not understood. Several problems will be assigned from each section. Refer to the course website for a list of assigned problems and due dates. Homework needs to be given to me in in a pocket folder with
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Math64Syllabus - Pre-Algebra Spring 2010 Textbook:...

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