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Three Layers of Meninges - Three Layers of Meninges Three...

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Unformatted text preview: Three Layers of Meninges Three Dura Mater Most superficial Tough, double-layered Tough, membrane membrane Outer (periosteal) layer fused Outer to skull to Forms septa to anchor brain Forms Dural sinuses – separation Dural b/n dural layers = drainage for blood supply Dural Septa Dural Dural Septa falx cerebri Falx cerebri Falx cerebelli Tentorium cerebelli tentorium cerebelli cerebelli falx cerebelli Dural Spaces Dural Subdural space Space below dura, Space above arachnoid above Epidural space Space between bone Space and dura Only in Spinal Cavity Three Layers of Meninges Three Arachnoid (Mater) Layer Deep to dura Web-like extensions to pia Web-like mater below mater Subarachnoid space Space below Space arachnoid membrane arachnoid Filled with CSF Numerous blood Numerous vessels vessels Arachnoid villi (granulations) Drain CSF into dural sinuses arachnoid Three Layers of Meninges Three Pia Mater Innermost layer Adheres to brain and Adheres spinal cord spinal Follows folds of brain Very vascular filum terminale Small extension of pia Small fastens spinal cord to coccyx coccyx pia mater ...
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