bio8 Exam 2 Review Fall 11

bio8 Exam 2 Review Fall 11 - Biology 8 Exam 2 Review:...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 8 Exam 2 Review: Please note that this is only a general guide to the first exam. There are no guarantees that everything on the test is included on the following set of review questions. All material discussed in class and lab is fair and appropriate evaluation material. Chapters 5&6: Adaptations to temperature and water 1. Why do temperatures limit distributions of organisms? 2. What are poikilotherms, homeotherms, ectotherms, and endotherms? 3. What are most plants in terms of the above? 4. How do plants adapt to extreme temperatures? How does the skunk cabbage generate heat to melt snow? 5. What is estivation, hibernation, torpor? When are they adaptive? 6. What is microclimate? What factors affect microclimate? 7. What is the principle of allocation? 8. What drives diffusion of water? What determines water availability? 9. Be able to predict which way water will tend to move in different conditions, i.e. fish in saltwater versus fresh water. What is osmosis? 10. How are camels and saguaro cactus alike in terms of adapting to extreme temperatures? Chapter 7: Energy and Nutrient Relations 1. What are autotrophs and heterotrophs?...
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bio8 Exam 2 Review Fall 11 - Biology 8 Exam 2 Review:...

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