bio8 Final Review Fall 2011

bio8 Final Review Fall 2011 - Biology 8 Final Exam Review:...

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Biology 8 Final Exam Review: Please note that this is only a general guide to the first exam. There are no guarantees that everything on the test is included on the following set of review questions. All material discussed in class and lab is fair and appropriate evaluation material. Chapter 1: Introduction 1. What is ecology? 2. What are populations, interactions, communities, ecosystems, biosphere? 3. Be able to place the above in the appropriate order. 4. What is the scientific method? How is it practiced? Chapter 4: Evolution 1. What is the unit of evolution? What is evolution in its most basic form? 2. What are alleles? 3. What is variation? How does environmental variation and genetic variation contribute? 4. What is natural selection? How does it operate? What are the major parts of Darwin’s theory? 5. What mechanism of evolution leads to adaptations? 6. What is fitness? 7. What is Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? What conditions must be met in order for HW to be realized in a population? 1. What are the major factors that contribute to macroclimates? 2. How does the above contribute to large-scale patterns of rainfall (rainforests to deserts)? 3. What happens to warm, humid air? 4. What is climate? What type of climate does Riverside have? 5. What is a salt marsh? What forms the base of the food web in such places? 1. Why do temperatures limit distributions of organisms? 2. What is microclimate? What factors affect microclimate? 3. What is the principle of allocation? 4. What drives diffusion of water? What determines water availability? 5. Be able to predict which way water will tend to move in different conditions, i.e. fish in saltwater versus fresh water. Chapter 7:
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bio8 Final Review Fall 2011 - Biology 8 Final Exam Review:...

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