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Group Presentation (Due May 20 in lab) As a group, create a 20 minute presentation using power point to describe some of the different species found in the San Jacinto mixed conifer forests. For each species highlighted below, use 3 to 5 slides to describe the following: Scientific species name and family name, known distribution and habitat requirements, its current conservation status (e.g. threatened, endangered, no concern), and an ecologically interesting factoid or two. Each slide should contain at least one good picture of the species . For the presentation, each member of the
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Unformatted text preview: group should have a chance to speak and all members of the group should be familiar with each species. Birds: Plants: Other animals: American Kestrel Black Oak Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Common Poorwill Acorn Woodpecker Coulter Pine Coyote California Thrasher Mountain Quail Jeffery Pine California Mountain Kingsnake White-headed Woodpecker Violet-Green Swallow Ponderosa Pine Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat Steller’s Jay White-breasted Nuthatch Sugar Pine Desert Bighorn Sheep Black-headed Grosbeak Brown-headed Cowbird Incense Cedar Western Rattlesnake Red-breasted Sapsucker...
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