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Group Presentation 2 Fall 2011

Group Presentation 2 Fall 2011 - 2 Big Morongo Desert...

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Group Presentation II (Due Dec 2 in lab) As a group, create a 20-30 minute presentation using power point to describe some of the different ecological regions/habitats found in and around Riverside, CA. For each subtopic described below, use 3 to 5 slides to present the indicated information. Each slide should contain at least one good picture that represents the region or depicts an aspect of your topic . For the presentation, each member of the group should choose a distinct subtopic and have a chance to speak. All members of the group should be familiar with each subtopic. Be sure to reference your source material in a manner that allows the audience to know where you found the information you present. Presentations will be graded based on clarity and organization, how well the various speakers coordinate the presentation, slide quality, and references. Your assigned region is highlighted below: 1. Riverside - Coastal Sage Scrub
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Big Morongo - Desert Riparian 3. Big Morongo - Creosote Brush 4. Newport Backbay - Salt Marsh 5. San Jacinto Mountain – Chaparral 6. San Jacinto Mountain - Pinyon-Juniper Woodland Each member of your group should choose a subtopic from those listed below. Everyone should choose a unique topic, i.e. no one is allowed to cover the same topic as another group member. A. Climate and Location (locally and globally)* B. Dominant Plants and Plant Adaptations C. Unique Animals/Keystone Species and Their Adaptations D. Current Human Activities/Impact/Management E. Potential Impact of Climate Change F. Native American Ecology – Usage/Impacts/Management * The information in part A should be presented in some way. If someone from your group does not take this subject formally, the 1 st speaker in the group should include a brief description of the climate and where the habitat is found....
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