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Lab 1 Biodiversity and Systematics

Lab 1 Biodiversity and Systematics - Lab 1 Biodiversity and...

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Lab 1: Biodiversity and Systematics Group Members: Group name: (see exercise 2) _________________________________________ Exercise 1: Diversity and Evolution of Arthropods: Visit http://tolweb.org/treehouses/?treehouse_id=3923 and begin the Meet the Arthropods interactive module. Choose 2 readers and 2 scribes from you group. Reader 1 should read the text for the first half of the exercise and then switch to reader 2 when you begin the section on the Cambrian explosion. The scribes should write down the answers to the following questions; scribe 2 should begin writing the answers after question 7. 1. How many animal species are actually arthropods? 2. What arthropod makes EASY$$$? How does this arthropod make a living? 3. What does the phrase ‘common ancestor’ mean? 4. What are the 5 characteristics of arthropods? Of these characteristics, which ones do you suppose were shared with their common ancestor? 5. Does a ‘jelly’ (as in jelly fish) have bilateral symmetry? What about body segmentation? Does a jelly fish share a common ancestor with arthropods - why or why not?
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6. What 3 organisms presented at the end of section 1 are arthropods? 7. You should now be on the page titled, ‘ A closer look at arthropod branches ’. From a single common ancestor, one hypothesis is that the arthropods have given rise to 5 major descendent groups (see figure above). Of those groups, the insects have the highest number of species and individuals in terrestrial ecosystems. You will be looking for and capturing some insects in the second part of this lab, so be sure you can distinguish insects from other organisms.
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