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AristotleonFormsofProof1Notes - Polemarchus how Callicles...

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Aristotle on Forms of Proof From specifics to a Generalization From generalizations to a Specific Theoria Induction Syllogism Praxis (including rhetoric) Proof by examples Enthymeme Examples of Each Follow: Induction: “There are 398 kinds of turtles in the world. Each and every kind lays eggs. Therefore: All turtles lay eggs.” Syllogism: All femaleTurtles lay eggs. (This first premise is based on an induction.) This is a female turtle. Therefore it lays eggs. Proof by example: “There have been many cases of wealthy people showing disrespect toward middle class people. Remember at the last meeting of the assembly how Herodes spoke to
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Unformatted text preview: Polemarchus, how Callicles spoke to Eratosthenes, and how Ciron spoke to Nearera? Surely, you remember many other examples. We can conclude that wealthy people typically do not address middle class people respectfully. Enthymeme: Corinthians are usually honest. This ambassador is a Corinthian. Therefore, he is probably honest. (Here the first premise must be already accepted by the audience or it must be established through proof by examples.)...
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AristotleonFormsofProof1Notes - Polemarchus how Callicles...

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