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AristotleonRhetoric2Notes - property qualification for...

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Aristotle on Rhetoric Part 2 Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric: “The art of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion.” Rhetoric , 1355a To identify the best materials and forms the speaker must know the audience. What do they already believe? What are the interests of different kinds of listeners? All arguments must be developed from ideas already held by those you wish to persuade. On style: The first requirement is clarity. Metaphors give pleasure to the audience. On political organization: The end or telos of a polity is the good life – NOT the accumulation of wealth for the wealthy or the distribution of goods to poor, or the domination of other states. Rule by the… Legitimate Deviant One Kingship Tyranny Few Aristocracy Oligarchy Many Polity Democracy Most people can reason well if they have the opportunity. Aristotle wants a small
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Unformatted text preview: property qualification for citizenship. Democracy can become a mob. Ethics: What is the good? Ethics. The principle of the golden mean. What is “good for its own sake? That which fosters what in fundamental of human life is good. Did Aristotle Have A Theory? A “theory” is a comprehensive framework that: 1. identifies objects and events in a domain and offers a language for naming then. 2. Offers an integrated account of how those objects and events are related. 3. Provides causal principles for how events and objects move and change 4. Suggests new objects, events, actions and relationships that may be observed. A fact : A fact is a statement of existence or relationship in a theoretical framework that is so well supported that no one working from that framework currently denies it....
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AristotleonRhetoric2Notes - property qualification for...

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