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psych exam IV review - Bill McGoey Psychology 100 12-15-10...

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Bill McGoey Psychology 100 12-15-10 Question 1: Abnormal behavior technically is defined as a type of behavior that causes people to experience distress and prevents them from functioning in their daily lives (Page 518) . However, abnormal behavior is a very broad area and is extremely hard to define . The reason abnormality is so hard to define is because we don’t know where exactly to draw the line between normal and abnormal . Depending on the perspective you are viewing a person from, they may appear normal, but the may also appear abnormal . This is where the five different types of abnormal behavior come into play. The first is abnormality as deviation from the average . This method is based solely on numbers and average . Scientists would take down recordings of anything and find a “normal” average . Anything that would fall outside this range would be considered abnormal . The problem with this method is that not all actions are abnormal . Many people do things that are not the most popular “normal” choice but just because they choose to do something a little different doesn’t make them abnormal (Page 517) . The next method is abnormality as deviation from the ideal . This method focuses on something that everyone is striving to do or emulate, the ideal situation or thing . It can be something that is accepted by society or something that is followed in your
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. The only thing is that people always find their way whether or not they follow an Ideal path or not therefore this method isn’t that reliable (page 517) . The next method is abnormality as a sense of discomfort . This method entails how an individual acts and feels in certain situations . This method labels abnormal behavior if the individual in any way has personal conflicts within or even affects others around them in a negative way . The problem with this is that sometimes the individual doesn’t realize they’re acting abnormal . They think that their behavior is normal and it puts them at ease or makes them happy despite what may be happening to people around them (page 517/518) . Another method involves the ability to fit in with society and carry out a normal life . Anything other than the norm would be considered abnormal. For example, if a person decided to live out of a shack instead of living in a house with a family and their only income was working as an underpaid custodian and ate with food stamps . That would be considered abnormal in our society . This method is referred to as abnormality as the inability to function effectively (page 518) . The last method consists of abnormality and how it relates to the law . It has to do with classifying some one as insane or not . This is crucial because this can change the whole outcome of a trial . Being declared insane means that the guilty party might not of realized right or wrong at the time they committed the crime (page 518) . Another way to judge abnormal behavior would be by identifying people who
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psych exam IV review - Bill McGoey Psychology 100 12-15-10...

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