Chapter 3 Notes - -Axon pathway where impulse leaves neuron-Terminal button end of axon-Reuptake-Myelin sheath insulation around

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Chapter 3 Notes: central nervous system - Neuron= sensory (afferent) bring impulses into body, motor (efferent) release impulses from body, interneuron are connecting neurons on spinal cord - Negative charge - Rest when not in use - Nervous system A. Peripheral Nervous system 1. Somatic- division (voluntary) 2. Autonomic- division (involuntary) a. Sympathetic- emergency/fight or flight b. Parasympathetic- calms system/establish homeostasis B. Central Nervous system 1. Brain- split brain theory= divided into 2 sections that look same but function differently a. Left- logic, language, reasoning, linear, sequential, math, details b. Right- emotions, holistic, visual, special integration, artistic, interpret, geometry 2. Spinal Cord - Dendrite- pathway where chemical info enters neuron
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Unformatted text preview: -Axon- pathway where impulse leaves neuron -Terminal button- end of axon-Reuptake-Myelin sheath- insulation around axon-Neurotransmitter (Acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins)- chemical stimulation A. Excitatory- increase the amount of chemical/stimulation B. Inhibitory- prevents chemical from delivering impulse-Action potential- when neuron sends and impulse/firing -Lobes A. Frontal- organization, sequence, maintain action or function, effort/interest, ability to start and stop, social ability, cognitive functions B. Occipital- vision C. Temporal- auditory D. Parietal- relay station, put info together, sense of touch, kinesthetic sense Id- desires intincts impulse needs Ego- mediate buffer Super ego- moral code...
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