Nut Lab - Studio Chemistry Fall 2007 Nutty Calories (with...

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Studio Chemistry Fall 2007 Nutty Calories (with permission from creators of Gateway Chemistry at UMich) Concepts : Calorie, heat, specific heat capacity Creating Context 1 Excerpt from: B. Ousland and K. O. Storvik, "Alone to the North Pole," The Sciences , July- August 1994, pp. 10-14. "[On March 2, 1994,] Borge Ousland, a Norwegian explorer and deep-sea diver by profession, had set out at age thirty-one to make one of the most difficult treks in polar history: to ski alone from land to the North Pole, receiving no additional support during his trek. Alone he would have to conquer more than 600 miles of drifting ice on the open sea, fighting the severe cold and other inhospitable conditions, and navigate through pressure ridges formed by huge colliding blocks of ice that would sometimes be forced upward more than thirty feet. His only companion would be his sled, which weighed some 300 pounds at the start, packed with food, stove, tent, sleeping bag, spare clothing and navigation and maintenance gear. He also carried various special items, including a handgun and a kind of sound-and-light grenade, called a flash-bang, to scare off the polar bears that roam almost everywhere in the Arctic. . .. [O]nly he can narrate the details: 'Every morning I would get up early, waking up to a small alarm watch secured to my collar with Velcro. To wake up, I left the tent as quickly as possible. My breakfast would follow: oatmeal mixed with sugar, dry milk and soya oil -part of a diet designed to give me abundant Calories to fuel my efforts, combined with efficient nutrition. I also ate vitamins and mineral pills as supplements. 'Once I broke camp I tried to maintain a steady rhythm of travel: two hours of skiing, then ten minutes' rest, then repeat the cycle. My lunch menu was much the same as my breakfast, and then I would put in another three cycles of skiing and rest before stopping for the night. My dinner would be either salmon or ham mixed with mashed potatoes and unsaturated fat. My total food intake was 6200 Calories a day - about two times what is needed by the average urban adult male - and I had to discipline myself strictly not to eat any more. If I hadn't, the food I carried would not have lasted the sixty-six days I had planned for. In the first four-fifths of the trip I was also very strict about not skiing more than ten hours a day. Breaking that rule would have forced me to eat much more, and so again I might have run out of food before I reached the Pole. 'I cooked over a small stove powered with heptane -a fuel quite similar to white gas.
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Nut Lab - Studio Chemistry Fall 2007 Nutty Calories (with...

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