Redox Lab with Vitamin C

Redox Lab with Vitamin C - Studio Chemistry Fall 2007...

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Studio Chemistry Fall 2007 Vitamin C (used with permission from Goal : Apply redox chemistry to solve a problem The following case/problem brings ties together many concepts you have studied this semester: solution chemistry, determining concentration, titrations, redox reactions, density, volume, problem solving, and data analysis. Your ultimate goal by the end of lab is to determine how you would advise a 16 th -18 th century sea captain who is worried about the sailors on his ship suffering from scurvy. Data/Fact Gathering 1 Historically, vitamin C played an important role in the discovery of the "New World." Sailors on long voyages with no available fresh fruit or vegetables commonly developed scurvy, which was described by Jacques Cartier during his exploration of North America in 1535. Symptoms of scurvy include: weakness joint pain bruising easily red spots around hair follicles weakened tissues and cartilage gum hemorrhage breakdown & loss of teeth If you would like to see more pictures of the effects of scurvy which still exists today 2 (and can handle decay and mutation) just search Google Images. James Lind , a British naval surgeon, performed a pioneering experiment in 1747 and discovered that men who ate citrus fruits quickly recovered from scurvy. He recommended the addition of citrus fruits to the diets of sailors. James Cook, a British sea captain, introduced lime juice to the diet of his sailors in 1768. This led to British sailors being called "limeys." Lind's recommendation of citrus fruit being added to sailors' diets was finally adopted by the Royal Navy in 1795. Scurvy disappeared "as if by magic." 1 Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Huskey, R.J.
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Redox Lab with Vitamin C - Studio Chemistry Fall 2007...

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