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Biology I Reports for Hinterthuer Since the huge world of biology cannot be covered in a semester, students are expected to choose a topic related to biology in which they have an interest. The report should be five pages in length up to eight pages in length, in addition to the Title Page, and a Works Cited Page. Three different resources should be used in researching the topic. Follow MLA standards for documenting sources in Works Cited. The paper will be graded on the following criteria: Is the paper turned in on time? By April 27th for full credit -5 per each day late 5 Does the paper relate to biology? (Consult with me if you have questions.) 10 Paper needs to sufficiently discuss the subject. Has the student used standard grammar, spelling, development of thesis? 5 Does the paper have the correct format? 5 - 8 pages, with title page, 10 double-spaced on computer or typewriter. Font: New Times Roman, 12. Documentation: Three sources at 5
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BiologyReportTopics_003 (1) - Biology I Reports for...

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