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Computer and Writing Exercise Choose 10 of the following to research either on-line or in a library. Answer the questions thoroughly and then give the source of your information. For example, if you use the Biology Text, type or the name of a book and its author if you use a book. Choose one additional question to thoroughly research. Use at least 3 different sources; answer with a well developed paragraph (1/2 page or more) and list the 3 sources you used. This will be due on October 19th. 1. Name two animals that have become extinct in the last 100 years. In what country did they reside and to what is their extinction attributed? 2. Name two endangered species found in Arkansas? 3. What is the species name of a giant sequoia? Where are they found in the world? What is their main distinction? 4. What is "Luna"? Give the genus and specific epithet of this type of organism. What did Butterfly Hill do to publicize the destruction of this organism in the Pacific Northwest? 5. Name three medicinal plants found in the United States and list where they are found
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CurrentComputerExerciseforBiologyI - Computer and Writing...

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