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SampleBiology Test I. True/False: Place an F before false, a T before true and leave value judgments blank. There will be one value judgment. _____1. Cellulose can be digested by most humans and is highly nutritious. _____2. Atoms with the same atomic number but different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes. _____3. As a general rule, animals are more important than plants. _____4. Water is a good example of a molecule which is non-polar covalent. _____5. A solution with an excess of hydrogen ions is acidic. _____6. Mitochondria are called the recyclers of the cell because they contain digestive enzymes and break down worn out organelles. _____7. An experimental control is required for a valid experiment. _____8. An Idaho potato is an example of the carbohydrate, glucose. _____9. Located in the nucleolous of an organism's cells is DNA which carries the genetic code for that individual organism. ____10. The basic building blocks of proteins are fatty acids and glycerols. II. Multiple/Choice: Choose the best response to the following. ____1. An example of a prokaryote is: a. tetanus bacteria that lives in the soil b. an amoeba that engulfs its food c. a seaweed or kelp d. earthworm. _____2. An example of a member of the Kingdom Protista is a. an amoeba in your mouth b. a fungus growing on the root of a tree c. mosses and liverworts d. blue-green (cyano-) bacteria. _____3. These organic molecules make up the bulk of the plasma or cell membrane. a. sugars b.phospholipids c. cholesterols d. nucleic acids. _____4. The organelle responsible for the release of ATP in an eukaryotic cell is called a(n) a. mitochondrion b. chloroplast c. lysosome d. nucleus. _____5. The maintenance of internal conditions within an organism which allows it to function normally is called: a. metabolism b. adaptation c. evolution d. homeostasis. _____6. When viewing objects on high power, you should not operate the: a. iris diaphragm b. fine adjustment knob c. stage adjustment knob d. coarse adjustment knob. _____7. A strong base would have a pH of: a. 12 b. 8 c. 7 d. 3. _____8. An organic catalyst that lowers the activation energy needed for a chemical reaction to take place is called an: a. hormone b. enzyme c. amino acid d. fatty acid. _____9. DNA consists of all of the following but: a. nitrogenous base b. five carbon sugar c. amino acid d.) phosphate group. ____10. The universal solvent is: a. hydrochloric acid b. water c. mercury d. sucrose. ____11. This universal energy currency is the form of energy the cell uses and is released from chemical bonds of glucose during cellular respiration: a. DNA b. RNA c. glycerol d. ATP. ____12. Two atoms with the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons are called:
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SampleBiologyTest_002 - SampleBiology Test I. True/False:...

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