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Chem 1075 Acid Naming Practice Ch. 7 Name_________________________ Complete the following table: Acid Name Acid Formula Ion Name Ion Formula Hydrochloric acid HCl Chloride ion Cl 1- HNO 3 Phosphate ion S 2- Nitrous acid HIO 3 Telluride ion ClO 1- Iodous acid H 2 Se
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Unformatted text preview: Perchlorate ion I 1- HClO 2 Selenate ion BrO 2 1- Sulfuric acid H 2 CO 3 Chlorate ion F 1- Bromic acid H 2 SO 3 Arsenate ion IO 4 1- Selenous acid H 2 TeO 3 Hypoiodite ion PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version
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