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1.7 Notes - Slide 1 Inequalities College Algebra Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Slide 1 Inequalities College Algebra Section 1.7 Slide 2 Linear Inequalities Isolate x. Write your answer in interval notation. Slide 3 Two Types of Nonlinear Inequalities Polynomial Rational Slide 4 Polynomial Inequalities Make sure you have 0 on one side. Factor the nonzero side and find the zeros. Mark the zeros on a number line. Test each interval of the number line between the Test zeros you marked. zeros Choose the intervals that satisfy your inequality. Slide 5 Rational Inequalities Add or subtract to get 0 on one side. Do NOT multiply Add NOT multiply both sides times the denominator! both Add or subtract the fractions to obtain a single fraction. Factor both the numerator and denominator and find the Factor zeros of both. zeros Mark all zeros on a number line and test the intervals. Choose the intervals that satisfy your inequality. Make Choose sure you do not include any numbers that give you a 0 in the denominator for your answer. the ...
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