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GRAPHING RATIONAL FUNCTIONS (1) Factor (2) Domain  –  Leave out zeros of the denominator (3)     Holes –  Will occur at zeros of the canceled factors (4)     Vertical Asymptotes  –  x = zeros of the denominator (5) Horizontal Asymptotes   –  Look at degrees a. Degree of top < Degree of bottom HA: y=0 b. Degree of top = Degree of bottom HA: y= leading coefficent of numerator Leading coefficient of denominator
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Unformatted text preview: c. Degree of top &gt; Degree of bottom No Horizontal Asymptote (6) Slant Asymptotes Only have one if the degree of the numerator is exactly one larger than the degree of the denominator. Find it using long division. (7) y-intercept Let x = 0 (8) x-intercept Zeros of the numerator ....
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