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GRAPHING RATIONAL FUNCTIONS (1) Factor (2) Domain  –  Leave out zeros of the denominator (3)     Holes –  Will occur at zeros of the canceled factors (4)     Vertical Asymptotes  –  x = zeros of the denominator (5) Horizontal Asymptotes   –  Look at degrees a. Degree of top < Degree of bottom HA: y=0 b. Degree of top = Degree of bottom HA: y= leading coefficent of numerator Leading coefficient of denominator
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Unformatted text preview: c. Degree of top > Degree of bottom No Horizontal Asymptote (6) Slant Asymptotes – Only have one if the degree of the numerator is exactly one larger than the degree of the denominator. Find it using long division. (7) y-intercept – Let x = 0 (8) x-intercept – Zeros of the numerator ....
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