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Survey of Calculus (MATH 2043)– NWACC – Fall 2005 Instructor: Pamela  Duck Phone: 986- 6916 Office: MAT  07 Math Secretary: 986- 6900 Office Hours:   Monday  and  Wedne sd ay E-Mail: pduck @nwac c. e du     11: 50- 12:50   Tuesday  and  Thursday 9:50-10:50; 11:50-12:50 Grading Your  grade  in this  cours e  will be  based  on  the  following: Three  Exams 300  points Quizzes   150  points Final Exam 150  points 600  points  possible A = 540- 600  pts,   B = 480- 539  pts,   C  = 420- 479  pts,   D = 360- 419  pts,   F = 0-359  pts Exams There  will be  three  exam s  plus  a  final exam.   Each  exam  will be  compreh e n sive  up  to that point in the  course.   The  lowest  of the  first   three  exam s  will be  replaced  with the  percent  score  earned  on  the  final.   Note that this means there are no make-up exams!   If you   miss  an  exam  for any  reason    that will be  the  exam  score  that is replaced  with the  final exam  score.
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This note was uploaded on 01/12/2012 for the course MATH 2043 taught by Professor Pamelasatterfield during the Fall '05 term at NorthWest Arkansas Community College.

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