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Section 2.6—The Chain Rule and Generalized Power Rule TV Spring 2001 When you wish to take the derivative of compositions of Functions we use what is known as the Chain Rule ) ( ' )) ( ( ' )) ( ( x g x g f x g f dx d = . In alternate notation, we have if and u then ) ( u f y = ) ( x g = dx du du dy dx dy = . To use this rule basically you take the derivative of the outer function, leave the inner function alone, and multiply by the derivative of the
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Unformatted text preview: inner function. A special case of the Chain Rule is the GENERALIZED POWER RULE . [ ] [ ] ) ( ' ) ( ) ( 1 x g x g n x g dx d n n = #16 #24 Note: The chain rule can be used in conjunction with the product and quotient rules. In fact, you may use all three rules in a single problem, perhaps more than once. #30 #34 #38...
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