Exam 2 - Spring 2008 - Finite Math Exam #2 Friday, March...

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Unformatted text preview: Finite Math Exam #2 Friday, March 14, 2008 Name You must show all your work. 1. In how many ways can five boys and six girls be seated in a row if (5 points each) a. Boysand girlsareSeated alternately? I I Q-é'é'j‘i'ié'flfl' '—-:9(o;LlOO '5 b a e c— o e B G G cl .l. 16 b. Boys sitto etheran girlssntogether? I _ _ | 3 ‘ . . ’a—th 2.:— -—- ‘- BBéaG-G'GG'G‘+' f—ll’ZZflOOl 92/ g; -i-3-’9~'L%i'3—'3'-‘— a votioo “E: c;- “" ‘8; G— B (5 ” 2. There are eight people on tchae board of directors of the Acme Corporation. (4 points each) a. In how many ways can a president, a vice president, and a treasurer be elected from the members? 9-7iio=l:33cl b. In how many ways can they elect a three— person committee to study future expansion if there are no restrictions on which members of the board may serve on the committee? KCS TIE—El 3. In how many ways can a five—card hand be drawn, without replacement, from a standard deck of 52 cards if at least three are to be hearts? (7 points) 3W5 (Vb 4km 045W ratZrio—f' alimol' IBCB'BQCa ‘l" igca'gqal'l’iscgz 4. An experiment consists of tossing a coin and then rolling a standard six-sided die. What is the probability that the coin lands heads and the number on the die is even? (7 points) l H2. H‘lyl’lla ___.._ J RE)??? 3 t 5. A five-card hand is to be dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that eXactly two of the five cards are not hearts? (6 points) “325%; C” 5" 73' 'Oglf) 6. From a lot of ten ladies' blouses, four are known to have a flaw. An ordered sample of three biousas is to be randomly selected, without replacement, from these ten blouses. What is the probability that the first one selected will have a flow and the secarr‘| two will not have a flow? (7 points) ll . ,QL. _§.. ‘1 ._—a E: a, ___ ______ 3am» 100+ 59le M l 5 7. A : {a,d,e}, B = {bed}, C = {a,e,f}, U= {a,b,c,d,e,f,g} (4 poinTs each) a. ‘AUB': Candgégi’ggvf b. A—U: 60/2 B': {semi c. An(BuC)’: Boa: Tame» ,chan 4> (500' =36 OO 8. There wereie'respondenTs To a survey abouT ownership of radios and color TV seTs. They were asked These quesTions: 7 (4 poinTs each) Q1: Do you own a color TV SeT? QL Q2: Do you own aT leasT Two radios? 520 There were 110 people who answered “yes” To QuesTion 1, 90 who answered "yes" To QuesTion 2, and 20 who I answered “yes” To boTh quesTions. a. How many answered “yes” To aT leasT one of The quesTions? l O b. How many answered “no” To boTh quesTions? c. How many peopled answered “yes” To exactly one of The quesTions? / 9. Tammy's son will enTer college 14 years from now. AT ThaT Time, she would like To have $20,000 available for college expenses. For This purpose, her bank will SeT up an accounT ThaT pays 7% compounded quarTerly. If she makes paymenTs inTo The accounT aT The end of each quarTer, whaT musT her paymenTs be To achieve her goal? (SpoinTs) 01 £10,000 ‘-—- P: ‘5 “45”” 10. Sally geTs financin or 90% oiThe $105,00 urchaSe price of a house aT The raTe of 8% on The mom"th unpaid balance. (6 poin‘lS EOCh) (a z: ‘9 q L—lv) a. Find The amounT of The monThly paymenTs To repay The loan if The loan is reaid in 30 years? P: ism ~ 1*- 0+ L993“‘”‘3°3 '2. b. Find The ToTal amounT of InTeresT poi €o45.4\)(i13C30)—— 44500 2 T 155,1;7Jpo c. Assuming Timely paymenTs of The amounT in parT (a), whaT is The unpaid balance afTer 20 ears? \0 WWW g ozcio) Y ‘V: ((2le [“C‘lg‘j‘il jg: $5151.88 11. ConverT 167° compounded monThly To The APR. (5 poinTs) APRtflJr'lkérll—ei “Kano/35 m H.132 To The finance company. ...
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Exam 2 - Spring 2008 - Finite Math Exam #2 Friday, March...

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