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Quiz 5 Key - Spring 2008 - a5 Finite Math Quiz#4 Wednesday...

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Unformatted text preview: a5 Finite Math Quiz #4' Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Name Make sure you show all your work on this paper. 1. The Lonely Hearts Club has 25 members. (3 points each) a. In how many ways can the club select a president, vice- resident, and secretary? 9544-6154 13,800} b. In how many ways can the club select 4 members to an annual convention? .3564 2 “2,6501 2. How many different arrangements are there of the ietters in the word MTHEM TICS ? (3 points) 11‘. 22:2: 3435796900 3. A warehouse contains 12 refrigerators, 4 of which are not in working order. In how many ways can a sample of 5 of these refrigerators be selected, without replacement and Without regard to order if exactly 2 are not in working order? (4 points) Bea-mm 4. An experiment consists of tossing a coin and recording whether it lands with heads or tails turned up; then a single six—sided pyramidal die is rolled, and the number of pips on the bottom face is recorded. Write the outcomes in the sample 3 ace for the ex eriment. of the die? (4 points) E in, H2 H3 H4, H5, Htofl'zr 5. A 3-card hand is to be dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. a. What is the probability that all 3 cards are from the same ' 9 3 ' t (pOInS) 4C . ISC/S .——-— FEB—— « ” A .OSI 79 52 Cg, 4'2 5 b. What is the probability that exactly two aces will be dealt? (3 points) Lt Ca ‘4? a! ——. —- 5?, C3 2: ‘ 01503 ...
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