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1/22/2008 1 Section 2.2 Systems of Linear Equations Recall from College Algebra: To solve a linear system of equations using matrices, the first thing we do, is set up a corresponding augmented matrix. Notice: You must line up the variables vertically so you have a column for each variable. Also, the vertical line represents the = in the equations 5 3 2 = + y x 2 5 3 = y x 2 5 5 3 3 2 To solve these systems we tried to get them into what we called Reduced Row Echelon Form What did this mean? We tried to get a 1 in the 1 st row 1 st column and zeros above and c row, 1 column, and zeros above and below, then we got a 1 in the 2 nd row, 2 nd column with zeros above and below (for all the columns to the left of the vertical line. from this form, we can simply read off the solution to the system. 19 11 19 31 1 0 0 1 Matrix Operations 1) You can replace any row with the product of that row and a nonzero constant. (this is how I get the leading 1’s)
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Section 2.2 Handout - Section2.2...

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