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7.2 Notes - Inverse Transform and,fi Transforms of...

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Unformatted text preview: Inverse Transform and ,fi Transforms of Derivatives Differential Equations Section 7.2 _ Some Inverse Transforms S . cosh=L"{82 ”2 l m S k sl—k’ }, n = 1,2,3,K I sinh h = L"{ 5 ' cosh =L4{sz —-k‘ 1!: l Transform of a Derivative If f, f ',K ,f‘"‘” are continuous on [0,00) and are of exponential order and if f (")(t) is piecewise continuous on [0.00), then L{f"’(:)}= S"F(S)—S""”f(0)-S‘“"”f'(0)-A -f""”(0) where F(s)=L{f(o} 3/30/2010 W H W ...
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