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Logistic Model Example - Section 3.2 - The parameters in...

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Logistic Model Example – Section 3.2 The logistic model: t r e P K P K P t P - - + = ) ( ) ( 0 0 0 (Note that I have written it differently than your text.) where K = carrying capacity of the environment or the saturation level P 0 = initial population r = rate of growth t = time Example The logistic model has been applied to the natural growth of the halibut population in certain areas of the Pacific Ocean. Let P, measured in kilograms, be the total mass, or biomass, of the halibut population at time t.
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Unformatted text preview: The parameters in the logistic equation are estimated to have the values r = 0.71/year and 6 10 5 . 80 × = K kg. If the initial biomass is K P 25 . = , find the biomass two years later. Also, find the time t for with the population will be at 75% of the carrying capacity of the environment....
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