MIS 311F Exam 2 Notes

MIS 311F Exam 2 Notes - MIS 311F EXAM 2 NOTES"You can't...

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MIS 311F EXAM 2 NOTES 10/2/07 “You can’t send a duck to eagle school” UTC 4.132 Tuesdays 5-6pm - clinical sessions with TAs NO CLASS THURSDAY 10/4 Normal Curve Chart area Because the curve is symmetrical (a mirror of itself) the charts are developed for only ½ of the total area. We must adjust this according to our needs Page 241- Random sampling Everything we’re about to talk about is based on the fact that the researcher has taken a good random sample Population - everyone registered for the class Sample - everyone in attendance today Sampling frame - group from which your sample is chosen Sampling error There’s no way you can include everyone/everything N-1 gives more strength to our number Sampling distribution of sampling means Mean of the sample The central limit theorem The groups are going to fall just like individuals Probability **Will not ask to find probability on a test** Probability = Relative frequency - percentage - chance - proportion Proportion of times we would expect the vent to occur in an infinitely long series of identical sampling experiments **Convert 92% on test to what the Z score is** 42% area from 92% find .4200 which gives z score **What is the chance you will earn higher than 92%?** 8% chance Additive Confidence statement - general Confidence interval - specific
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Confidence statement/Margin of error - rough, educated guess 1 divided by the square root of the number Confidence interval Slides on blackboard 10/9/07 “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” Carl Sandburg Interviews: 2 people (can have relatives, but not the best) Something you’re interested in How they think, how they talk, what they feel As a group - top 10 things from all of your members’ interviews Group meetings with Cleveland - spaces will be uploaded soon…sign up. Not required, but suggested Statistical significance : an observed effect so large that it would rarely occur by chance Samples have to be a significant size Sampling frame: the list of units from which a sample is chosen Built in bias: Convenience sample Voluntary response These are not good for a sample people are expecting certain things Randomness -Simple Random Sample (SRS): A sample of N units from the sampling frame chosen in such a way that every possible group of N units has the same chance of being chosen -Random -Fair -Representative -Unbiased Random Sample Designs Simple (SRS - Simple Random Sample) Every unit in sampling frame has an equal chance of being selected Possible shortcomings -Bias due to poor sampling frame -Cost of sampling
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MIS 311F Exam 2 Notes - MIS 311F EXAM 2 NOTES"You can't...

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