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ANT 111 Exam 2 Study Guide

ANT 111 Exam 2 Study Guide - Horticulture the art or...

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Horticulture the art or practice of garden cultivation andmanagement. bureaucracy A system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives Market exchange A form of distribution based on the use of a specialized location (the “marketplace”) and relatively impersonal principles of supply and demand and the pursuit of profit. Generalized reciprocity an exchange where a person gives a good or a service to someone else but does not receive anything back at that time. With the expectation that the person receiving the good or service will have something that it will be given at a later time. Social stratification e condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group Negative reciprocity the exchange of goods and services where each party intends to profit from the exchange, often at the expense of the other.
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