Chapter1 - Exam Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the statement is...

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Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Information is worth its cost when an appropriate relationship exists between the cost of information and its value. 1) 2) A strong password must contain your user name, real name, or company name. 2) 3) "Because everybody has one" is the best reason for companies to develop an information system. 3) 4) Substantial cognitive research has shown that although individuals cannot increase their basic IQ, they can dramatically increase the quality of their thinking. 4) 5) Information systems should not be subject to the financial analyses to which other assets are subjected. 5) 6) In the symmetrical model of the five - component framework of an IS, computer hardware and software are the actors. 6) 7) The lower the amount of work to be moved from the human side to the computer side of an information system, the higher is the complexity of that system. 7) 8) A strong password must contain no more than seven characteristics. 8) 9) Information needs to be sufficient for the purpose for which it is generated, but just barely so. 9) 10) "Laissez - faire" would be a strong password because it is a foreign word. 10) 11) Information is always subjective. 11) 12) It is likely that, in the future, most computers will not look like a traditional desktop or laptop. 12) 13) Developing systems that provide information in near real time is always easier and cheaper than producing information a few hours later. 13) 14) According to the five - component framework of IS, computer hardware, software, data, networks, and procedures are the five components of an information system. 14) 15) Information technology and information systems are synonymous. 15) 16) Information technology refers to the products, methods, inventions, and standards that are used for the purpose of producing information. 16) 17) Business users of an IS must take an active role in specifying the system's requirements and in helping manage the development of the system. 17) 1
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18) The software is the most important component of an IS. 18) 19) You can buy IT, but you cannot buy IS. 19) 20) One person's data is another person's information. 20) 21) The five - component framework is common to all information systems, from the smallest to the largest. 21) 22) When compared to high - tech systems, low - tech systems move more work from the human side to the computer side. 22) 23) Today, because of Moore's Law, any routine skill can and will be outsourced to the lowest bidder. 23) 24) A person who is good at collaboration will avoid giving critical feedback to others. 24) 25) Abstract reasoning is the ability to make and manipulate models. 25) 26) When data is presented within a meaningful context, it becomes information. 26) 27) Because of Moore's Law, the cost of data communications and data storage is essentially zero. 27) 28) Barely sufficient information is a handicap in decision - making as today's business decisions
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Chapter1 - Exam Name TRUE/FALSE Write'T if the statement is...

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