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Unformatted text preview: Exam Name___________________________________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 1) Collaboration involves coordination and communication, but it is greater than either of those alone. 1) 2) Feedback and iteration enable a group to produce something greater than any single person could accomplish working independently. 2) 3) Problem oriented, one-time, ad hoc workgroups would not be very effective without a formalized workflow. 3) 4) A workflow is a process or procedure by which content is created, edited, used, and disposed. 4) 5) Google Docs requires users to install multiple Google applications in order to run them on their client computers. 5) 6) Microsoft SharePoint can be installed in client computers directly without employing server computers. 6) 7) Server hardware consists of the computers and other communication devices that users employ to participate in collaboration activities. 7) 8) "What tasks need to be accomplished?" This question must be answered during the starting phase of a project. 8) 9) Team members give and receive feedback as part of the iterative process of collaboration. 9) 10) Being a skilled and persuasive presenter is extremely important for an effective collaborator. 10) 11) Being a perceptive listener is more important for a collaborator than being gregarious and dynamic. 11) 12) In order to be an effective collaborator, one should refrain from airing unpopular and different viewpoints. 12) 13) Susan, the operations manager at Multitech Systems Inc., is having a face to face meeting with her vendors and some of her senior engineers to iron out product specifications. This is an example of synchronous communication. 13) 14) Margaret finds that calling all her senior supervisors and quality managers for a face-to-face meeting is not feasible. She arranges for a multiparty text chatting session involving all of them. This is an example of asynchronous communication. 14) 15) Email is a form of asynchronous communication. 15) 1 16) Microsoft Groove is a videoconferencing application that also supports team wikis and team member blogs. 16) 17) Discussion forums are an effective way to obtain team opinions because it forces participation of the entire team. 17) 18) One of the advantages of a team survey is that it is easy to determine who has not yet responded. 18) 19) The choice of information systems used for sharing content depends on the degree of control required. 19) 20) Version management applications, such as Windows Live SkyDrive, offer a higher degree of control than the version control applications. 20) 21) Email is the medium preferred for collaborations in which there is a desire for content control. 21) 22) A shared file server is best suited for sharing content when there is increased risk of interference with your work by other team members. 22) 23) You need a Gmail account to access Google Docs. 23) 24) With Google Docs documents are stored on the user's computer. 24) 25) Windows Live SkyDrive includes license-free Web application versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 25) 26) A Windows Live ID is not essential to set up a SkyDrive. 26) 27) Only one user at a time can open SkyDrive documents for editing. 27) 28) In version control systems, the shared directories used to store shared documents are called libraries. 28) 29) Both Google Docs and Windows Live SkyDrive provide free service to users. 29) 30) Version management systems improve the tracking of shared content and provide version control. 30) 31) Microsoft Groove is the most popular version control system for general business use. 31) 32) Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is a tool specifically designed to tailor the look and feel of SharePoint sites. 32) 33) SharePoint sites cannot be customized using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. 33) 34) A SharePoint site is a collection of resources that are accessed using HTTP, HTML, and related protocols. 34) 35) Fundamentally, SharePoint can be considered a list manager. 35) 2 36) A major disadvantage of SharePoint compared to other systems is that it cannot be programmed to provide alerts when changes are made to documents. 36) 37) The actions that can be taken on the elements in a SharePoint list are independent of the type of list. 37) 38) Wiki libraries cannot be created using SharePoint as it does not support simultaneous access. 38) 39) The lists of tasks, predecessors of the tasks, and the status of the tasks can be updated in a SharePoint task list. 39) 40) The act of installing SharePoint requires a publicly accessible server. 40) 41) Collaboration systems are used to identify a problem, find potential solutions, establish criteria for choosing among those solutions, and for evaluating alternatives. 41) 42) Document libraries are collaboration tools that are used during all the phases of a project. 42) 43) A text chat session is the most appropriate collaboration tool during the wrapping up phase of a project. 43) 44) The facility manager of an insurance company makes decisions on the monthly purchase of office supplies. This is an example of an operational decision. 44) 45) Operational decisions concern the allocation and utilization of resources. 45) 46) Transaction processing systems are designed to support operational decision making. 46) 47) Strategic decisions are typically not collaborative. 47) 48) Moving a factory from Detroit to Mexico is an example of a strategic decision. 48) 49) An unstructured decision is one for which there is no agreed-on decision-making method. 49) 50) Determining the reorder quantity of an item in inventory is an example of an unstructured decision. 50) 51) Finding the best location for building a new plant is an example of a structured decision. 51) 52) Determining the best mix of products that a company should sell is an example of an unstructured decision. 52) 53) Structured organizational decisions seldom require collaboration. 53) 54) Need for collaboration increases as the decisions become more structured. 54) 55) Most structured decisions do not involve collaboration. 55) 3 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 56) Seema John, the floor supervisor at a call center, calls Bryan, a call attendant, into her office. She reports observing a few critical omissions in his calls, a finding supported by recent customer surveys. Bryan feels that Seema is just throwing her weight around. Which aspect of collaboration seems to be dysfunctional in this scenario? A) The office lacks a communication system. B) Seema's content management skills are questionable. C) Bryan needs to learn to receive feedback. D) Seema seems to be poor in workflow management. 56) ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper. 57) What are the three critical drivers of collaboration? Explain each. 58) What are the two types of hardware used in a collaboration information system? 59) What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communications? What are examples of each? 60) What are team surveys? What are their benefits? 61) Why is version control important for shared content? 62) What is the difference between structured and unstructured decisions? Give an example of each. 63) What is Microsoft SharePoint? How is it used? 64) What are the four phases of a project? List the possible collaboration tools that could be used in each of the phases. 65) Are most strategic decisions unstructured? Give an example of an unstructured strategic decision. 66) Explain why structured decisions seldom require collaboration. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 67) A student team, which is assigned a term project, meets and divides the work into sections and then team members work independently on their individual pieces. An hour before the project is due the team members meet again to assemble their independent pieces into a whole. Which of the following is lacking in this activity? A) interdependence B) communication C) collaboration D) coordination 67) 68) The effectiveness of a collaborative effort is driven by three critical factors, communication, content management, and ________. A) technology orientation B) workflow control C) operationalization D) synchronous processes 68) 4 69) When multiple users are contributing and changing documents, schedules, task lists, assignments, and so forth, one user's work might interfere with that of another. Also, it is important to know who made what changes, when, and why. Which aspect of collaboration is being discussed here? A) feedback process B) content management C) workflow control D) communication system 69) 70) A critical aspect of content management is the authority to manage data. Some are allowed to create, edit, and delete content, others are restricted to edit, and still others are restricted to a read-only status. This is managed through ________. A) communication rights B) permissions C) iterative systems D) third-party control 70) 71) Which of the following statements is true regarding collaborative systems? A) Content management facilitates collaboration though it is not a key driver of collaboration. B) The three collaboration drivers are equally important for all types of collaborations. C) Creating and formalizing workflows is the most critical collaborative task for ad hoc workgroups. D) Members have different rights and privileges in some collaborations. 71) 72) ________ is a process or procedure by which content is created, edited, used, and disposed. A) Feedback flow B) Iteration C) Navigation D) Workflow 72) 73) ________ hardware consists of computers that are installed and operated by IT professionals and support the collaboration system. A) Program B) Support C) Server D) Client 73) 74) Once SharePoint is set up on a server computer, users need only a browser to use it. Identify the browser which is most likely to give them the best experience. A) Internet Explorer B) Mozilla Firefox C) Opera D) Google Chrome 74) 75) Neville is the operations manager at Access Software Inc. As the company opens its third unit in the campus, he decides to implement a collaborative system supporting wikis and blogs. Which of the following should he choose? A) Google Docs & Spreadsheets B) Microsoft SharePoint C) Microsoft Access D) Microsoft Groove 75) 76) Which of the following is the most complex collaboration application in terms of learning the software? A) Windows Live SkyDrive B) Google Docs C) Microsoft Outlook D) Microsoft SharePoint 76) 77) One of the procedures of a collaboration project is task status reporting. This is performed in the ________ phase of the project. A) wrapping-up B) planning C) starting D) doing 77) 78) The decision about team members' roles and authorities is made during the ________ phase of a project. A) doing B) planning C) starting D) evaluating 78) 5 79) The fundamental purpose of the starting phase of a project is ________. A) outlining the tasks to be accomplished B) assigning responsibilities for each task C) setting the ground rules for the collaboration D) designing the task status reporting process 79) 80) The purpose of the planning phase in a project is to determine ________. A) who will do what and by when B) the ground rules for the collaboration C) the conditions for managing exceptions D) if the task status reporting process is needed or not 80) 81) identify the phase in which the tasks of a project are accomplished. A) starting B) planning C) doing D) wrapping-up 81) 82) Project teams should document project results and learnings. Which of the following is the phase in which the teams perform this? A) starting B) wrapping-up C) planning D) doing 82) 83) Which of the following is the most important component in a collaboration system? A) software B) procedures C) people D) data 83) 84) Being ________ is one of the most important characteristics of an effective collaborator. A) enthusiastic about the subject of collaboration B) well organized and popular C) experienced in collaborating D) gregarious, dynamic, and a persuasive presenter 84) 85) Which of the following traits is the least important for an effective collaborator? A) perceptive listening skills B) open-mindedness and curiosity C) willingness to enter into difficult conversations D) experience as a collaborator 85) 86) Face-to-face meetings are examples of ________ communication. A) distributed B) synchronous C) parallel D) sequential 87) Asynchronous communication occurs when team members ________. A) do not meet at the same time B) communicate within a specific time frame C) engage in conflicting discussions D) communicate in a sequential manner 88) The use of a conference call is an example of ________ communication. A) unstructured B) synchronous C) parallel 87) D) sequential 89) Kate has to organize an asynchronous communication involving her team members because she works from home. Which of the following could she use? A) video conference B) a WebEx session C) email D) multiuser text chat 6 86) 88) 89) 90) Employees of multinational organizations who work in different time zones will likely find ________ communication to be more effective. A) synchronous B) asynchronous C) parallel D) sequential 90) 91) ________ is a popular commercial webinar product used in virtual sales presentations. A) WebEx B) Microsoft SharePoint C) Google Docs D) MS Access 91) 92) Microsoft NetMeeting is an example of a(n) ________. A) email client B) multiparty chat application C) discussion forum D) videoconferencing product 92) 93) Which of the following is one reason why discussion forums are better than emails in asynchronous communication? A) it is harder for the discussion to get off track B) it is best suited to transmit personalized information C) it is less intrusive than emails D) it requires no application to be installed 93) 94) Which of the following is an asynchronous communication technology where it is easy to identify the people who have not responded to a request? A) wikis B) surveys C) discussion forums D) email 94) 95) Which of the following alternatives for sharing content provides version control? A) Google Docs B) Wikis C) Windows Live SkyDrive D) Microsoft SharePoint 95) 96) Systems that track changes to documents and provide features and functions to accommodate concurrent work provide ________ management. A) repository B) iterative C) configuration D) version 96) 97) Which of the following statements is true about working with Google Docs? A) Documents are stored on the user's computer. B) Google tracks document revisions, with brief summaries of changes made. C) Users are not allowed to simultaneously see and edit documents. D) A Google account is not required to edit a document. 97) 98) Version-management systems ________. A) give control over the changes to documents to particular users B) provide version control of documents C) limit the actions that can be taken by any particular user D) improve the tracking of shared content 98) 99) With version-control systems, shared documents are placed into shared directories called ________. A) data mines B) folders C) libraries D) repositories 99) 7 100) Identify the most popular version control application for general business. A) Microsoft Groove B) Microsoft SharePoint C) MasterControl D) Windows Live SkyDrive 100) 101) ________ is a comprehensive platform for creating, operating, and administrating Web sites and is most widely known as a platform for creating and managing collaboration sites. A) Windows Live SkyDrive B) Google Docs C) Microsoft SharePoint D) Microsoft Access 101) 102) One can use Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer to tailor the look and feel of SharePoint sites. However, some software developers use Microsoft Visual Studio to customize the sites. What is the reason behind this? A) Collaboration sites cannot be built using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. B) Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer does not allow file sharing and Web publishing. C) Visual Studio provides greater customization and control. D) Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is more expensive than Visual Studio. 102) 103) Fundamentally, SharePoint is considered a list manager. Why? A) SharePoint lists the items rather than having details. B) Elements in SharePoint lists are not visible to users. C) Each of the items in it is a list of items of some type. D) SharePoint lists each and every instruction in detail. 103) 104) Clicking the ________ option in SharePoint will send you an email any time anyone changes the document. A) Alert Me B) Calendar C) Survey D) Team Knowledge 104) 105) The Calendar in SharePoint is a(n) ________. A) library of periodic documents C) team-member contact agenda 105) B) list of events D) alerting program 106) Which of the following elements in SharePoint contain details such as the task is assigned to a particular person, task status, due date, percentage of completion, and predecessor tasks of each task? A) task list B) task browser C) task calendar D) task manager 106) 107) A ________ is a perceived difference between what is and what ought to be. A) problem B) structural gap C) version 107) D) situation 108) Which of the following could be a potential disadvantage of using SharePoint in project management? A) SharePoint provides version management rather than version control. B) SharePoint installation requires a publicly accessible server. C) It is not suitable if the project span is less than one year. D) The events in SharePoint cannot be linked to a calendar. 108) 109) Kyra orders 500 units of Type-2 steel beams for the next month for her company. In doing so, she has made a(n) ________ decision. A) directional B) managerial C) operational D) strategic 109) 8 110) Which of the following phases of a project is characterized by task status reporting? A) wrapping-up B) doing C) planning D) starting 110) 111) Which of the following pieces of information, if true, would confirm that a decision is operational? A) The decision concerns day-to-day activities. B) It is a low risk decision. C) The decision is made by an individual rather than a group. D) The decision is made by managers. 111) 112) Identify a question that must be answered during the planning phase of project management. A) What is the team's authority? B) What is expected from team members? C) When will tasks be completed? D) What is the purpose of the team? 112) 113) ________ decisions concern broader-scope organizational issues. A) Operational B) Strategic C) Tactical 113) D) Managerial 114) Project leaders have to take decisions on the allocation and utilization of materials and labor. Such decisions are called ________ decisions. A) tactical B) managerial C) operational D) strategic 114) 115) Using a standardized procedure to allocate laptop computers to employees is an example of a(n) ________ decision. A) sequential B) parallel C) unstructured D) structured 115) 116) Managerial decisions in an organization concern the ________. A) day-to-day activities B) organizational issues C) broader-scope issues D) utilization of resources 116) 117) An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory. This is an example of a(n) ________ decision process. A) organizational B) structured C) strategic D) open 117) 118) Isabel, an HR manager and two of her executives are discussing a candidate's application. They examine his qualifications and experience. Isabel also tries to gauge his cultural fit with their team before deciding to hire the person. This is an example of ________ decision-making. A) asynchronous B) operational C) managerial D) unstructured 118) 119) Which of the following is an example of an unstructured decision? A) What is the acceptable defect ratio for this product? B) When should the next batch be scheduled to reduce idle time? C) How many overtime hours should be used to fill this order? D) Should we continue to outsource our bookkeeping processes? 119) 120) Which of the following observations about the relationship between decision type and decision process is true? A) Managerial decisions tend to be highly structured whereas operational decisions are unstructured. B) Higher level organizational decisions should be highly structured. C) The higher levels of decision making are associated with unstructured decision processes. D) Need for collaboration is highly significant for lower-level, structured decisions. 120) 9 121) Which of the following decisions is least likely to involve collaboration? A) How much of product A to order from vendor B? B) Should we pursue a joint venture with company A? C) Should we start a new product line? D) Should we acquire company A? 121) 122) Free data communications and data storage will make collaboration systems cheaper and easier to use by 2021. Which of the following is the most likely consequence of this development? A) Data storage companies will become extinct. B) Most technological products will become commodities. C) The use of synchronous communication will gain popularity. D) Face-to-face (F2F) meetings will become very rare. 122) 10 ...
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